First Quarter Showers, and the Flood of Email


Petrichor: the distinct smell of rain on dry cement or dirt, often associated with the first rain of the season.

Although an uncommon word, petrichor evokes a particular scent that humans are very familiar with. Petrichor in Greek roughly translates to “heavenly liquid on stone”, demonstrating that, historically, people have been captivated by this smell for thousands of years. Scientists have come to suggest that early humans found this scent comforting because of it indicating new life, and in turn, the growth of new sources of food.


Living in the Bay Area, this season of heavy rain has made us all aware of the petrichor surrounding us. The recent storms brought a deluge of water to our very parched state of California while flooding highways, causing mudslides, and even bursting open the Oroville Dam.

These showers are exactly like the constant flow of data and communication that is transferred through email. These digital messages, like a downpour of rain, flood our inboxes by billions throughout the year. In 2016, MailChimp customers alone sent a total of almost 250 billion emails to their various contacts.


How do you react to the flood of emails that you receive?


These messages should satisfy you, like petrichor, and provide a unique impression. Often times, though, we waste valuable time determining how to unsubscribe and decrease this tide of emails.

Given the overwhelming amount of data that is transferred to friends, family, and clients on a daily basis, when I send an email campaign, I want to make sure the message inspires. I want to cultivate information that distinguishes itself through beauty and wisdom. I want to nurture through open communication.

As an email marketer, you control the messages that your clients and contacts will receive. It is up to you to determine whether you will create a flood, or curate an unforgettable and captivating experience.